Carolyn <3 (simplee_mee) wrote in uahc_harlam,
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definitly agree with you casey....

chavurah 2004 was the most amazing experience of my life. i'm definitly guna continue on till ATLEAST cit and never lose touch with any of rah 2k4 for the rest of my life. camp harlam truely plays a HUGE role in my life that i will never let go of.

and on the picture for the background of this site, the picture in the corner is 2 ppl that played a really important role in making my summer great, one being Katie Blalock one of my counselors and two being Scott Fein my unit head.

thanks to casey, i'm glad you showed me this community it makes me happy =)
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I stumbled onto this site and saw this previous post and couldn't help to be extremely flattered! Who wrote that post?

Scott Fein